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Grilling different food types over coals have always tantalized our taste buds. But for most of the city folk, having a smoky charcoal grill actually has become inconvenient as opposed to owning a gas grill. Even though gas grills lack the romance and fun of a charcoal grill, they boast of heat that is consistent and instant making grilling much more convenient and quick. The gas grills also consist of a temperature control feature that makes it easier to grill subtle food items which can be easily overcooked on a charcoal grill where the temperature can get too hot.

Since there are quite a number of good gas grills in the market today, choosing one is somewhat simple but settling in on one grill becomes considerably difficult. The choices are endless from generic gas grills that are found all around local stores to big brands in the industry such as Weber and Napoleon.

We have managed to test a few of the most used gas grills while some of these tests included recording temperature distribution, testing preheat speeds, measuring assembly times and even checking the accuracy of the built in temperature gauges. After thorough discussions and analyzing all collected data, we have come to a conclusion that each of the chosen grills offers something for everyone.

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Napoleon Rogue 425 Gas Grill 

We could clearly say that the Napoleon Rogue 425 offers the best overall performance and is also our favorite gas grill. The issue is that small local stores might not have one in stock but its features are well worth tracking it down and purchasing it. The gas grill comprises of a beautiful combination of high-quality materials, constant heat distribution for beautiful grills, a 625 square inch grill surface and more luxurious extras. You may be unfamiliar with the brand name Napoleon unless you are a barbecue enthusiast. This brand is based in Ontario, Canada while the company has been manufacturing gas grills since 1976. Due to the reliability and high quality of its products, they have managed to develop a good reputation that equals Weber.

The Napoleon Rogue 425 boasts of four capable burners, stainless steel sear plates in order to prevent flare-ups, folding stainless-steel side shelves as well as an infrared side burner. However, if you are still on the fence between charcoal and gas grills, the Rogue 425 provides you with a convenient solution. This gas grill also consists of an optional tray that can convert the machine into a charcoal pit. When testing, the entire set up process of the gas grill took about 90 minutes which was comparatively quicker than other grills. Also, during the test runs, the Napoleon Rogue 425 displayed the best combination of high and low-temperature cooking consistencies. The built in thermometer was also accurate.


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Char-Broil Classic 4 Burner Grill

If you are unable to locate a gas grill to suit your budget, this Advantage Series 4 Burner Grill is ideal and boasts of the same basic features. The reason that the grill costs less than its counterparts is that it lacks the robust premium feel of a Napoleon or Weber and if you go by some of the user reviews, it might not last long as the expensive ones. However, even though the product lacks these refined qualities, it certainly makes up with its features when it comes to grilling your meat and veggies. The grill consists of an evenly heated cooking surface which out-shines every other gas grill that was put to test. The grill is easy to set up and heats up swiftly.

In addition to the 480 square inch grill surface, the Char-Broil Advantage has a side burner for warming up dishes and cooking up sauces to complement the grilled items. If you need extra space, you can flip the lid down and make use of it. Other features include Gear Trax accessories, an electronic igniter, a greased tray, warming rack, temperature gauge and locking caster wheels. There is also a 5-year warranty on the burners, a 2-year warranty on the firebox and lid and 1 year for the rest of the parts.


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Weber Spirit E-310

The Spirit Series is the Weber Brand’s entry level line of gas grills while it has become an all time favorite. However, the E-310 isn’t exactly the cheapest compared to the rest while Weber products rarely go on sale. According to customer reviews and tests conducted, it is definitely worth the money spent. This grill is constructed using high-quality materials and feels like it’s built to last for a longer period of time. Since Weber boasts of a reputation for reliability and longevity, the grill is backed up by a 10-year warranty against corrosion. Parts of the grill are easily available to purchase when required as well.

The Weber Spirit E-310 comprises of a 529 square inch cooking surface, porcelain-coated grates, three burners as well as a porcelain-coated exterior for that extra protection. It was outdone by the Napoleon and Char-Broil grills during our cooking tests, but it definitely wasn’t a poor performer. If you are a fan of the Weber Brand and looking for a well made and sturdy grill, the Spirit E-310 would be the ideal choice.

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Weber Genesis E-310

The Weber Genesis E-310 is one of the most affordable mid-range gas grills that have been introduced by the company. Even though the burner setup is similar to the Spirit, it boasts of a larger 513 square inch cooking surface. The overall construction and quality of the gas grill are of quite higher quality compared to its entry-level cousin.

The Genesis might be a premium quality grill but we think it’s wise that you stick with the Spirit line. The grill may last a bit longer and impress your family and friends during a backyard barbecue but the bump in quality is not actually worth the additional sum that you pay when you can buy a good griller for a less price.

If you are interested in the Weber E-330, you can read our weber Genesis E 330 gas grill review here.

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Huntington 30030HNT Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The Broil Mate 165154 also known as the Huntington 665154 at Home Depot is quite popular among many users. Even though the grill lacks a bit of style, it certainly makes up for its solid performance and its affordability factor. This grill features include a compact cast-aluminum body, a pair of side shelves and a single H burner that can be controlled by two dials. Even though the grilling surface is small and covers approximately 400 square inches, the Broil Mate 165154 is one of the easiest grills to assemble on your own.

The housing of the grill provides users with a lifetime guarantee while the stainless steel components and the burners come with a warranty of five years.

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Broil King Regal 490 Pro

The Broil King Regal 490 Pro is certainly fit for a royalty based on its features and design. The grill features four standard burners as well as a side burner and rotisserie burner if you would like to try out spit roast. Tool and condiment caddies are located on either side of the grill which provides plenty of storage space. For the ease of use, the burner dials have been illuminated. However, even though the grill boasts of a high-end appearance and a design that is abundant with features, it also has its drawbacks. During various tests, we were able to notice that the heat distribution of the surface was sub-par while it also took longer to heat up. Another plus point of the Regal 490 is that it takes only slightly longer than the Napoleon to assemble and start grilling.

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